Touki looks to get in the Win Column

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Toussaint gets the nod for Game 1 versus last year’s World Series Champions (that was DISGUSTING to type). Touki’s only had one decision this season, it was a loss to the Yankees in the Bronx. A game in which he threw 4 innings and surrendered 5 earned runs. He carries a 7.27 ERA into tonight’s game with 23 strikeouts over 17.1 innings.

The Nationals’ last two series’ were a series loss to the Mets & their most previous series was a series win in Baltimore against the Orioles.

The Braves timed it right for this series, missing Scherzer, Strasburg (IL), & Corbin. The Nationals are 8-11 on the year with a .421 winning percentage, .144 behind Atlanta. A series win or sweep would be HUGE for Atlanta’s bid for a third straight division title. They have Toussaint, Tomlin, & Wright scheduled to throw, for now.



1. Swanson SS

2. Freeman 1B

3. d’Arnaud C

4. Ozuna DH

5. Markakis RF

6. Duvall LF

7. Camargo 2B

8. Riley 3B

9. Inciarte CF


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