Braves Re-Sign Two Lefty’s

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Photo courtesy of Tomahawk Take

The Braves agreed to one-year deals with both Max Fried & A.J. Minter.

Last year’s Cy Young candidate Max Fried signed a one-year deal worth $3.5 million on Friday, avoiding arbitration. The 2012 seventh overall draft pick is part of this coming year’s three-headed monster in Atlanta (Fried, Soroka, Morton), and that’s excluding phenom Ian Anderson. His CAP hit is ranked sixty-ninth among MLB starting pitchers, ninth among current Braves, & 231st among MLB.

Translation: he’s one of the cheapest superstars in the Majors.

Photo courtesy of Talking Chop

A.J. Minter earned himself a one-year/$1.3 million deal after an absolute resurgence in 2020. The veteran with a shaky past was one of the most dependable arms in the Braves bullpen in 2020. Longtime Braves fans likely have done a 180 when they see Minter run out from behind the outfield wall now; from “oh no, it’s Minter” to “oh thank God, it’s Minter”.

Minter’s new contract is ranked sixty-sixth among relief pitchers in terms of CAP hit, fifteenth among current Braves, & 368th in MLB.

Translation: Anthopoulos took a risk on Minter & it paid off handsomely for the organization as well as A.J.


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