The Big Bear Is Back

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Photo courtesy of Beyond the Box Score

The Braves have done it. They brought back the Braves’ favorite non-homegrown bat. The Master of the ‘Mix It Up’. The second base side-step connoisseur on homerun trots. The cameraman for the best selfies in the game. The biggest wad of chew in a Braves uniform since Nick Swisher. The bat that gave Freddie the protection he needed to finally snag an National League MVP Award. He’s home.

The friendship and antics between Acuña & Ozzie are widely popular and one of the reasons the Braves have not only been an exceptional baseball team these pst few years, but also an added bonus for fans to watch & enjoy. Last season, Ozuna expanded on that; he got the entire team involved in on-field hijinks & dugout selfies. It was even reported that the Big Bear & Pablo Sandoval commandeered the clubhouse for a dance party after the blowout loss in last year’s NLCS to the Dodgers.

But now, onto the baseball statistical side of why Ozuna will be a welcomed sight in 2021.

In 2020, he was the National League homerun Champion (18), even setting a homerun record in Fenway Park. Marcell was also the National League RBI Champion with 56. Both of those feats played a large part in him earning a selection to the All-MLB First Team.

It was reported late Tuesday that Ozuna was seeking a 4-year commitment worth $100 million. That sounds like a lot, and it is. But he’s a premium bat, and he commands a premium price. Annually, that’s $25 million a year. Last season, the Braves paid Ozuna $18 million. So really, what’s $7 million more?

Ozuna & the Braves agreed to a 4-year/$65 million deal with a $15 million option that would make it $80 million, per reports.

That’s a win, folks!


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