Nick Markakis, Out of Young Harris

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Longtime Braves Right Fielder, Nick Markakis has announced that he’s retiring from Major League Baseball after 15 years in the big leagues. It’s been reported that Kakes knew after last year’s National League Championship Series that he was done, he just didn’t tell anyone.

Because, that’s Nick.

A man of few words, who never wastes a good bout of silence. I can count on one hand how many times I saw Kakes smile during a game. Through numerous moments in which any ordinary man would’ve made a spectacle of a celebration over what he had just done on the baseball field, Nick threw the ball in or tipped his cap with focused eyes & ever-present determination.

Markakis, throughout his Braves tenure has been the epitome of consistency & professionalism. Even earning the popular nickname “Daily Double” Nick. He finished his career with 514 doubles; more than Babe Ruth, Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Paul O’Neill, Rod Carew, & countless others. In fact, only 60 players in history have more doubles than Nick, as he’s tied for 54th all-time.

Markakis racked up three Gold Glove Awards (2011, 2014, 2018), a Silver Slugger Award (2018), & an All-Star selection (2018) during his time in Atlanta. His trophy case may not be overflowing; but his immeasurable impact, intangible contributions, & leadership will be highlighted in the coming hours & days from former teammates & opponents alike.

Markakis played his high school ball in Woodstock, Georgia; 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. He played his college ball at Young Harris College, a couple hours outside Atlanta; where he was named the 2002 JUCO Player of the Year. And now, he’s ending his baseball playing career in Atlanta, Georgia.

He may have been born in New York, but Nick Markakis is a Georgia Boy.


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