My Thoughts on MLB’s Decision to Move All-Star Game

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Atlanta, Georgia; the capital of all things that Major League Baseball opposes, evidently. MLB & Rob Manfred are so repulsed with Georgia’s new voting bill that they’ve stripped Atlanta of their All-Star Game like a mollycoddled child.

Notice I used “their” when referring to Atlanta, not “it’s”.


Because the All-Star game was theirs, the people of Atlanta who’s businesses are now robbed of a large influx of commerce. Commerce that business owners have been planning for & budgeting for (as good business owners do) that they will not see in 2021 now. A large influx of business to their establishments that had the potential to boost their financial welfare after the unprecedented tumultuous period in which COVID-19 & its associated restrictions wreaked havoc on their financial security.

I haven’t read the entire bill so I’m not going to say it’s racist, not racist, discriminatory, or not discriminatory.

But if Major League Baseball is going to strip a baseball organization under their umbrella over a law passed by the state in which that team resides, they’re setting a dangerous precedent.

Even if the majority of the baseball populace thinks MLB should be the morality police, who at MLB does that same populace think is equipped & suited to make that decision?

The same person(s) that they eternally complain about & ridicule? The same person(s) that can’t settle a dispute with its employees (the players) over the designated hitter, season length, runners in extra innings, etc; that’s who you want making decisions that impact MLB cities’ citizens in their lives away from baseball?

While we’re on morality, and how it should be factored into baseball decisions…

MLB’s offices are in New York, New York. The same city as the Yankees, a team that employs Domingo German & Aroldis Chapman. If you don’t know what they’ve done to the women in their lives, feel free to do a quick bit of research; it won’t take you long to see what I’m talking about.

The same city that’s ran by Andrew Cuomo; the Governor who’s administration rewrote nursing home reports to hide higher death tolls from COVID-19, while he was simultaneously writing a book outlining his pandemic achievements.

MLB had a tremendous opportunity in the Atlanta All-Star game to get the message they wanted to get across, across. But they have stripped themselves of that opportunity; prematurely & unjustly.


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