One Inning Gets Morton, Again

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The Braves dropped the series opener against Miami last night 4-3. Three runs isn’t an offensive explosion, but it’s enough to win a ballgame when coupled with solid pitching & defense. The Braves also had that last night, except one inning.

Uncle Chuck surrendered three runs in the 4th to Miami, in a 2-1 Braves game. Three out of Charlie’s last six starts he’s given up at least three runs in one inning without allowing more than one run in any other inning pitched. That’s his only struggle this season. That’s it. He’s pitching as well as anyone in Major League Baseball, minus deGrom, every appearance, minus any one inning.

If you eliminate his struggle inning from every start this season, HE’S A CY YOUNG CANDIDATE. Even with his struggles he’s 5-3 on the year. That’s not bad at all. He has a winning record, the Braves don’t. Heck, he leads the pitching staff in wins; and he’s tied for the least amount of losses on the team among regular starters. In fact, all the regular starters have three losses apiece now.

Our closer however, leads the team with five. But I’m not going to get into that right now. I can’t, makes me too mad.


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