Braves Draft Ryan Cusick

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Cusick was selected Sunday night, with the 24th overall pick in the MLB Draft. His selection made it two consecutive drafts that the Braves used their first pick on a pitcher from Wake Forest University.

Cusick stands 6’6” at 235 pounds. SPECIMEN. He struck out 206 batters in 158 career innings, career K/9 mark of 11.73; 3rd highest in Wake Forest history. He also had 10 victories in 35 career appearances (28 starts). This past season he had two starts in which he logged twelve strikeouts. In March against Florida State, he started the game by striking out seven of the first twelve batters. He earned Second Team All-ACC honors in 2021 as well as being named a preseason All-American by Baseball America (2nd Team) as well as Perfect Game (3rd Team). He was also named ACC Pitcher of the Week on April 20th.


His fastball is his obvious strength, the guy throws absolute GAS. Triple-digit gas. Another strength that is a little undervalued are his off-speed pitches. He developed his curveball & changeup both immensely from the time he stepped on campus until his last appearance for Wake Forest. His delivery is also easily repeatable & about as non-laborious as they come, which bodes well for the health of his arm.

But you still may be wondering, who in today’s game can I reference to forecast what we’ll e getting with Cusick?

EASY, Tyler Glasnow. Both are large human beings. Large enough where their size is a point of conversation. They both have lively fastballs. They both can struggle with control at times. But Glasnow’s curveball does have an obvious edge over Cusick’s. But that’s to be expected; Glasnow’s a yearly sexy pick for Cy Young & Cusick hasn’t thrown one pitch for money in his life.

I wouldn’t say the Braves knocked it out of the park with this pick, just because of the control issues Cusick has & our franchise’s history with pitchers who have electric stuff but walk everybody and their mother. But they definitely didn’t waste the pick. Cusick is a boom or bust pick, who’s boom could be Cy Young-ish.


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