Markakis Opts Back In

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Early Wednesday afternoon it was announced that Nick Markakis had opted back into the 2020 MLB season. Prior to Opening Day, the 14 year veteran of baseball’s highest level opted out of the 2020 season, forfeiting his paycheck for the year.

Markakis isn’t going to dominate opposing pitchers, he’s not going to lock down right field, but what he will do is reintroduce another veteran presence into a clubhouse that is off to a sputtering start. The 2018 All-Star’s biggest asset to the team is his leadership for the Braves’ exceptionally young core.

Through his 14 year career he’s averaged: 84 runs, 180 hits, 38 doubles, 14 homeruns, & 79 runs batted in. He’s a wildly consistent basehitter, averaging 1.11 hits per game over his long career; and hits have been few and far between in all three Braves 2020 losses.

When exactly he’ll join the ball club has not been announced. His Atlanta Braves teammates finish their home-and-home series with the Tampa Bay Rays this week, followed by a home game against the New York Mets on Friday.

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