Sensory Overload

Photo courtesy of The Daily Gazette Follow us on Twitter at @thedailybraves WOW. WHAT A DAY OF BASEBALL, YESTERDAY WAS. That was the best day of baseball of my life that I can remember. There were zero letdowns or disappointments yesterday. Two games against the Yankees, two wins against the Yankees. Ian Anderson carrying a … Continue reading Sensory Overload

What A Day For Baseball

Ian Anderson. Photo courtesy of Nights With Alice Cooper Follow us on Twitter at @thedailybraves for daily content! Not one, but two games today against the Yanks! Man! Can today get any better? Think about what all we have going for us today...The New York Yankees are in town, the Evil Empire, the team everyone … Continue reading What A Day For Baseball

Markakis Opts Back In

Photo courtesy of Early Wednesday afternoon it was announced that Nick Markakis had opted back into the 2020 MLB season. Prior to Opening Day, the 14 year veteran of baseball’s highest level opted out of the 2020 season, forfeiting his paycheck for the year. Markakis isn’t going to dominate opposing pitchers, he’s not going … Continue reading Markakis Opts Back In