Preview: Game 3, Kyle Wright vs David Peterson

Photo courtesy of Talking Chop

Atlanta looks to go for the series clinching win this afternoon against the visiting Mets. The man that Snitker has tasked with getting us underway is career 0-4, Kyle Wright.

Wright enters the game with an 0-1 record & a 16.88 ERA over 2.2 innings. Wright is the #4 prospect in the Braves organization & the #52 prospect in Major League Baseball. He has a 5 pitch arsenal: four seamer, changeup, slider, curveball, & sinker. His slider & sinker are his most frequently thrown pitches. He throws his slider in any count, and has great control over it. While he uses his fastball in the conventional way, it’s more of a setup pitch for his slider, with most of his heaters being thrown at the top of the zone. His slider has gained roughly 3 mph since 2018, which has also decreased it’s average vertical drop (in inches) from 42 inches in 2018 to 30.4 inches earlier this season.

I expect Kyle to secure a consistent spot in Atlanta’s starting rotation by the end of the season, and today should give him the confidence & momentum to get that campaign going in the right direction.

For the Mets, David Peterson enters the game with a 1-0 record & 3.18 ERA over 5.2 innings. Peterson is the 10th ranked prospect in the Mets organization, but is not in MLB’s Top 100. He also has a 5 pitch arsenal: four seamer, changeup, slider, sinker, & curveball. He throws his fastball less than 4% of the time, while he relies heavily on his sinker (44.9% usage). In fact, he’s only thrown his fastball 3 times in 2020. So similar to Jake Arrieta, batters shouldn’t anticipate seeing anything that doesn’t move.

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1. Nimmo CF

2. McNeil 3B

3. Alonso 1B

4. Conforto RF

5. Canó 2B

6. Davis DH

7. Smith LF

8. Rosario SS

9. Nido C


1. Acuña Jr CF

2. Swanson SS

3. Freeman 1B

4. Ozuna DH

5. d’Arnaud C

6. Camargo 3B

7. Duvall RF

8. Riley LF

9. Hechavarria 2B


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