Touki Time

Photo courtesy of 12Up

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Tonight’s starter, Touki Toussaint is a guy who’s been a highly touted prospect, a bit of a letdown at times, and now…he’s a big part in keeping the Braves rotation afloat in this crazy 2020.

No matter who Atlanta brings into the rotation to fill the hole left by Mike Soroka, Touki’s spot in the rotation has been shifted one place toward the front. That means he’ll be facing better opposing pitching; and he’ll need to become the evolution of the reputation he carried when he first came to the Braves organization.

He’s not going to jump from a few innings last start to a complete game guy today or even the next start. But he is more than capable of being stretched out over a few starts and be a reliable starter for the Braves in 2020, and hopefully beyond.


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