People Are Talking, Talking Bout People

Photo courtesy of Talking Chop

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Welcome! To the hottest time of year for trade rumors, sudden insiders, & arguments over trades & moves that haven’t even happened yet or won’t even happen at all.

Usually what happens in these fake trades is the person will outline a trade package that’s made up exclusively of players that they don’t see as good enough to stay on their team, in exchange for one of the best players in baseball; whoever that may be. Those fake trades ain’t even worth responding to.

People forget that in a trade, there’s a whole ‘nother organization on the other side of the deal. The players we get in trade don’t come from nowhere. That other organization is also building a roster & system that they believe will take their team to a World Series Championship. This isn’t a video game where you can change the settings to automatically accept any trade you put in.

Anthopoulos has proven he knows what he’s doing, let’s calm down & trust him. He’s taken our defense from being consistently ranked in the high 20’s to being top 5 in baseball these last few years. He’s locked up Acuña Jr & Ozzie long-term. He’s built the best bullpen in baseball. Our corner outfielders are the perfect outfielders for our team. And our clubhouse is one of the most solid clubhouses in baseball, loaded with respected veterans who clearly have a solid hold on how to self-police.

So take a deep breath. Don’t get fired up about possible trades until you see them confirmed by the Braves official social media accounts.


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