What A Day For Baseball

Ian Anderson. Photo courtesy of Nights With Alice Cooper

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Not one, but two games today against the Yanks!

Man! Can today get any better? Think about what all we have going for us today…The New York Yankees are in town, the Evil Empire, the team everyone loves to hate, and they have their ace going in Game 1 who’s on a 28 game lossless streak.

And then look at us!: First & foremost, Acuña Jr returns to the lineup. And so does Daily Double Nick! And on the mound we have our No. 1 pitching prospect Ian Anderson making his MLB Debut for Game 1; talk about a mighty situation to find yourself in. Then in Game 2 we follow that up with our Cy Young candidate, Max Fried. He’s been absolutely DEALING in 2020.

I don’t remember being this excited about a day of baseball (other than every opening day) since I don’t know when.


Now, Anderson is the Braves No. 1 pitching prospect. But I’m just going to say this, that does not mean he’s an ace. My hope is that he continues to develop after his debut, much like Fried did. That’d give us 3 ace-caliber pitchers in next year’s rotation.

From the limited amount of baseball I’ve seen Anderson play, he looks like he’ll be a solid mid-rotation guy in the Majors.

Let’s hope he’s an ace today though!


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