Series Finale, No Tucker

Photo courtesy of Baseball America

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The Braves take on Philadelphia today in their series finale. The Braves are looking to avoid being swept.

Huascar Ynoa will start on the mound for Atlanta, but why? Ynoa’s been okay, not great; certainly not good enough to continue to earn starts. He’s undoubtedly been most effective out of the bullpen in long relief situations. Atlanta could run worse pitchers out there, but they could also run a better one out there….one by the name of Tucker Davidson.

Davidson had better AAA numbers in 2019 than recently debuted Ian Anderson. Anderson one-hit the New York Yankees. In a season where nothing is normal, why do the Braves continue running their pipeline normally? Davidson could be the consistent 5th man in the rotation (assuming we make a deal for a starter before the deadline). But he can’t take on that role if he doesn’t even get one start.


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