Braves Vs Marlins, Game 3: Marlins Preview

Nick Neidert. Photo courtesy of Beyond The Bases

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The Marlins are looking to put away the series tonight at 7:20 p.m. Eastern. After a Game One extra-inning win & last night’s mollywhopping of Atlanta with the help of former-Brave Adam Duvall, they’re felling pretty confident about their chances to take their first series in Atlanta in quite awhile.

On the mound for Miami will be Nick Neidert. Tonight will only be the Atlanta native’s 6th career game. He’s the 11th-ranked prospect in Miami’s organization. He debuted in July of last season, he would go on to pitch in three others in 2020. He ended 2020 without a win or loss, a 5.40 ERA over 8.1 innings, with four strikeouts and a WHIP of 1.44.

Tonight will be his second appearance of the young 2021 season. He has a 2.08 ERA with three strikeouts over 4.1 innings, with a 1.85 WHIP.

Neidert boasts a 4-pitch arsenal consisting of: 4-seam fastball (54.1%), Slider (20%), Changeup (17.6%), & Curveball (8.2%).

His fastball won’t blow anyone away, averaging only 92.4 mph. His curveball however, is sitting at a snail’s pace of 74.5 mph; quite the adjustment for a batter. His low velocity for today’s game is reflected in his batted ball profile which shows that batters are able to spread the hits around; indicative of being able to recognize the pitch and hit the ball where it’s pitched.


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