Braves at Rays, Game 1

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A game that Braves fans would soon rather forget, Atlanta was beaten like a drum by the Rays, 14-5. Tampa also outpaced Atlanta in the hit column, 13-4.

It wasn’t all doom & gloom though; Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson sent his 2nd homerun of the season over the center field wall in Tropicana. In the short 2020 season, Dansby has been the obvious offensive sparkplug & MVP for the Bravos.

On the flip side of 2020, Mike Foltynewicz continued his struggles dating back to last season’s NLDS. Last year’s playoff performance is assuredly not affecting this season’s performance so far, but it is worth noting that Folty has lost velocity on his fastball. On it’s face, that’s not catastrophic. It could simply mean that Mike might have to learn to pitch effectively within his new parameters. A change in strategy is certainly a must for him moving forward if this season’s velocity is the new norm.

Also, something that a lot of people still watching might not have noticed…down by 9, near the end of the game; Austin Riley hit a routine grounder. The double play was in order. Riley could’ve easily coasted down the line, preserving his energy for tomorrow, and took his turn toward the dugout. BUT NO. Austin busted it down the line and beat the throw, preventing the twin killing. I’ll take that fire any day of the week & twice on Sunday.


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