Wright Went Wrong in the 4th

Photo courtesy of Talking Chop.

Wright was cruising right along tonight. He got himself into a couple bad spots, but he was able to work himself out of them without surrendering any runs.

Then all of a sudden, the Phils put up 4 runs on two homeruns in the bottom of the 4th. Philly would add their 5th run in the 8th inning, but it wasn’t really necessary.

Atlanta’s main goal was to get to the Philly’s bullpen as early as possible with the game still manageable. Philly’s bullpen is the worst in baseball this season. Arrieta didn’t come back out for the 7th, giving the Bravos the 7th-9th to mount a comeback. But no such comeback happened.

The Braves only accrued 4 hits all night, and left 8 runners on base. Atlanta also continued their trend of striking out a lot, tonight; racking up 9 k’s.

Final score: 5-0 Philadelphia.


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