Acuña Matata

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

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1 day. 2 games. 3 homeruns. 5 hits.

That was Acuña’s Sunday afternoon at work.

Ronald has been the talk of the town so far in 2020, and up until Sunday, it wasn’t a great conversation.

The Braves faithful knew it was just a matter of time until “El Abusador” got back to his dominant ways. I 100% believe that his season-starting struggles was due to the absence of a normal Spring Training. Making the beginning of this season a de facto Spring Training for the young superstar.

But now he has his timing back. No longer does Acuña Jr swing & miss or foul off straight fastballs in the middle of the strike zone. Now he deposits them into the empty seats of Major League Baseball’s stadiums. A prime preseason MVP candidate, Acuña was one of the reasons baseball fans across the country and especially the Southeast were looking forward to an MLB season in this COVID-plagued year.

Freddie Freeman also showed up in mid-season Freeman form. Add in Adam Duvall (who should be an everyday player at this point), and all you’re missing is young 2nd baseman Ozzie Albies.

Albies is currently on the 10-day Injured List, following an injury to his wrist. If Ozzie gets back to even 75% of the hitter he’s been up to this point in his career, Atlanta should be viewed as a legitimate World Series contender. Because don’t look now, but Cole Hamels is aiming for a bullpen session by the end of the week. From there, as long as there’s no setbacks, he’ll be stretched out & ready to join the Braves starting rotation by early September. Which is going to be CLUTCH after ace Mike Soroka was Lost for the year due to a torn Achilles.


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